Nulogy partnership with Ordinatio enhances service to Western Eu-ropean supply chain customization market

Contract packagers/manufacturers, 3PLs, and CPG brands will benefit from expansion of regional capabilities and local language support for Nulogy’s industry-leading solutions

Toronto, ON—Jan 30, 2017—Nulogy, the global leader in solutions to enable the agile supply chain, and Ordinatio, provider of supply chain software consulting and project management services, based in The Netherlands, have entered into a strategic partnership to augment support for customers adopting Nulogy’s solutions in Western Europe.

This development comes at a time when fragmented consumer niches will proliferate across Western Europe through 2030, yet at present “CPG companies are too slow and cost-intensive to allow profitable growth in niche markets,” according to projections from McKinsey & Company.

Through the new partnership, Nulogy is able to provide convenient, accessible local-language support in Dutch and German as well as English, while supporting Nulogy’s industry-standard technology for managing outsourced, external supplier processes and relationships. Specifically, Nulogy technology:

  • Gives third-party logistics, contract manufacturing/packaging and other service providers critical management, control, data analysis and continuous process improvement functions, which are missing from ERP, WMS and other systems.
  • Enables CPG brands to use a standard toolset to track and manage their community of external suppliers, transforming the outsourced supply chain into a strategic differentiator.
  • Establishes a proven platform for both CPG brands and suppliers to reduce costs, enhance customer service, improve quality/regulatory compliance and improve the financial results of their complex supply chains.
  • Allows CPG brands and their suppliers to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce waste in end-to-end order fulfillment to achieve a more sustainable supply chain.

“We look forward to working with companies who seek improved agility and profitability through standardization on Nulogy’s platform,” said René van der Linden, Managing Director, Ordinatio. Nulogy’s  production, quality, and management solutions complement ERP, WMS and related systems by adding critical, best-of-breed capabilities.”

“As CPGs increase reliance on external suppliers and suppliers seek to add value to the brands they service, more and more companies are embracing the real-time collaborative vision Nulogy offers,” said Josephine Coombe, Chief Marketing Officer for Nulogy. “We’re delighted to partner with Ordinatio to offer local support to our customers in Western Europe, and to help them achieve greater agility and responsiveness while operating more profitably and sustainably.”

Please contact Nulogy or Ordinatio to learn how these solutions can help you and your organization.

About Nulogy

Nulogy powers the Perfect Order Network™, a unified platform which connects brands and suppliers to provide customized product experiences for consumers around the world. Nulogy’s cloud-based solutions power order execution, interconnectivity, and data intelligence needed to orchestrate the last-mile product customization process. The platform drives out waste on a global scale, helping to build profitable and sustainable supply chains.

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Communication within an organization

Communication, perhaps one of the most important elements in collaboration and leading an organization. Whatever resources are available to us, often the crux of conflicts and issues. Gytha Heins recently wrote an article in which she said that “80{61a8e3c9013727875d9a1bf9100d2eadbe57ecbeaf85a25eb3c24843ae0ec717} of all teams in the workplace do not work because people do not speak to each other openly and honestly about their behavior“. A statement that is quite concrete, but in the basis it starts with the fact that communication is almost not done or not in the right way.

Discomforts in an organization, profit, non-profit, but also associations are regularly due to communication, or rather the lack thereof or not in the right way. The first question is why we do not communicate, or hardly, especially when it comes to interpersonal issues? Fear, too busy? Certainly the latter is regularly used as an excuse. Or do we think that the other person already knows or should know, because it is already written down somewhere. It is important to realize that the recipient can see it differently, or simply has no knowledge of the document or the place where the information can be found. Take a look at yourself, you know at this current time of information overflow to find all things and make a distinction without being pointed out in specific cases. Most probably not. Why assume that your intended recipient is aware of everything. How are you going to pick it up? By sending an email? In our view, this is not the way you communicate between people. Is this e-mail read (completely) and the other person could not interpret it (read incorrectly). Is it not the case that personal contact works best in interpersonal issues. Just go back to “old-fashioned” the conversation and preferably use mail for factual information transfer.

The second point is the way in which, or as the French say, “C’est le ton qui fait la musique” (it is the tone that makes the music). When entering into a conversation, think about the way in which you enter into that conversation. As Dutch people we are known as critical people, but going straight into a conversation with straight leg often makes little sense. You also have to enter the receiver. What in your eyes may be self-evident or not going well, the other person may have a different perception. Perhaps there are other, important, reasons why someone else did what he or she did. Therefore, in a conversation, assume in the first instance that your receiver has a positive approach, since you are basically for the same purpose. Your goal is the same, but the way to it can be different for both. Positively constructive you are already a lot further in the mutual cooperation. Emphasize the things that are going well and also give a compliment. Maybe a tool, but March 1 is the national compliments day!

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Co-packer creates distinctive character in the supermarket sector

How do you as a manufacturer promote your product in the supermarket or how do retailers differ from each other? A question that has become increasingly complicated due to the large range of products and promotions. With a price strategy alone, your product is almost no longer visible in the full boxes of a supermarket. Displays or distinctive packaging and portions are more and more a result. Co-packing plays an important role in this.

It is increasingly difficult for (large) manufacturers to distinguish themselves in the retailer’s trade. Often it has to do with the large supply, but also with the large volumes and output speed, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to offer different products. On the other hand, there is demand from the market for changing packaging and quantities. An increasing share in the contemporary retail landscape is therefore reserved for co-packers. Repacking product to other portions, composition or for example displays.

Co-packing has now also acquired an important place in the production process within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Where it once started with extra hands, it is now a full-fledged industry. A branch that also continues to develop and thinks along with the clients. With this growth, further professionalization and digitization has also come. Think of production efficiency, tracing of products, but also communication via EDI with the client. With the improvement of the processes and the increase of the computerization, the world of co-packing has also become more complex.

As a supply chain consultant Ordinatio specializes in issues concerning co-packing. Whether you are a co-packer or a manufacturer working on or thinking about working with co-packers, we can support you. Do you want to set up or optimize your co-pack work as a manufacturer or are you co-packer and you want to work on improvements or software implementations, contact us. In a personal meeting we look forward to what we can do for you.

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Online sales have become an important part of today’s logistics. Relatively recently it was still in its infancy, but today it has become an important, but also complex, sales channel. In order to win and retain customers, it is important to realize the right customer experience, to realize customer expectations and to allow the organization to operate as efficiently as possible.

Where it started quite simply years ago, it is now important that all data, systems, hardware and processes are optimally aligned. The right customer information (Big data) is the driving force for the processes, but it also determines your stock position. Data management, but also demand planning have become increasingly important activities within companies.

Organization of the right processes, routes, occupation and mutual coordination then serves to operate as (cost) efficiently as possible and to meet customer expectations. After all, it is important to realize what is promised, while taking into account that the customer is becoming increasingly demanding and the competition is changing as well. Once out of reach, delivery to the customer plays an important role, the well-known last mile. We do not even mention the return shipments that still cause headaches for many people.

All in all, enough things to think about as a company. After all, with increasing volume, the complexity of your work also increases. It is therefore very important to receive adequate advice and appropriate support and to have the right people at your disposal or to hire them on a project basis. Ordinatio specializes in Supply Chain (related) projects, advice, support (WMS / ERP) and implementations.

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What can Ordinatio do for you?

Supply Chain management can no longer be ignored from the current organization. With ongoing developments, it is becoming more and more complex for companies to keep up and to have the right knowledge available. Ordinatio can support your company in this.

Do you have plans for implementations of ERP or WMS systems, do you have internal logistical issues that you need help with or other Supply Chain related issues, then you are at the right address at Ordinatio. With our knowledge, experience and extensive network, we are happy to help you solve complex problems. Whether it concerns process-based solutions, implementations, software development or temporary management, Ordinatio has the right knowledge available.

You can contact Ordinatio for Supply Chain related issues, consultancy projects, project management, software implementations (ERP / WMS / PLM) and temporary filling of management positions (Interim).

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