How do you as a manufacturer promote your product in the supermarket or how do retailers differ from each other? A question that has become increasingly complicated due to the large range of products and promotions. With a price strategy alone, your product is almost no longer visible in the full boxes of a supermarket. Displays or distinctive packaging and portions are more and more a result. Co-packing plays an important role in this.

It is increasingly difficult for (large) manufacturers to distinguish themselves in the retailer’s trade. Often it has to do with the large supply, but also with the large volumes and output speed, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to offer different products. On the other hand, there is demand from the market for changing packaging and quantities. An increasing share in the contemporary retail landscape is therefore reserved for co-packers. Repacking product to other portions, composition or for example displays.

Co-packing has now also acquired an important place in the production process within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Where it once started with extra hands, it is now a full-fledged industry. A branch that also continues to develop and thinks along with the clients. With this growth, further professionalization and digitization has also come. Think of production efficiency, tracing of products, but also communication via EDI with the client. With the improvement of the processes and the increase of the computerization, the world of co-packing has also become more complex.

As a supply chain consultant Ordinatio specializes in issues concerning co-packing. Whether you are a co-packer or a manufacturer working on or thinking about working with co-packers, we can support you. Do you want to set up or optimize your co-pack work as a manufacturer or are you co-packer and you want to work on improvements or software implementations, contact us. In a personal meeting we look forward to what we can do for you.

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