Online sales have become an important part of today’s logistics. Relatively recently it was still in its infancy, but today it has become an important, but also complex, sales channel. In order to win and retain customers, it is important to realize the right customer experience, to realize customer expectations and to allow the organization to operate as efficiently as possible.

Where it started quite simply years ago, it is now important that all data, systems, hardware and processes are optimally aligned. The right customer information (Big data) is the driving force for the processes, but it also determines your stock position. Data management, but also demand planning have become increasingly important activities within companies.

Organization of the right processes, routes, occupation and mutual coordination then serves to operate as (cost) efficiently as possible and to meet customer expectations. After all, it is important to realize what is promised, while taking into account that the customer is becoming increasingly demanding and the competition is changing as well. Once out of reach, delivery to the customer plays an important role, the well-known last mile. We do not even mention the return shipments that still cause headaches for many people.

All in all, enough things to think about as a company. After all, with increasing volume, the complexity of your work also increases. It is therefore very important to receive adequate advice and appropriate support and to have the right people at your disposal or to hire them on a project basis. Ordinatio specializes in Supply Chain (related) projects, advice, support (WMS / ERP) and implementations.

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